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Can You Reuse Mushroom Grow Kits? Add it To Your Compost.

Updated: Feb 8

After your mushroom grow kits have produced all of the flushes that they are going to, you can add the spent mushroom block to your compost to help to deliver calcium to your garden.

I am always on the lookout for innovative and eco-efficient ways to enrich my garden soil. We’re diving into the world of composting with spent mushroom blocks – a method that’s not just efficient but also a game-changer in terms of turning waste into garden gold.

Mushroom Compost in Garden

Composting Fast-Track

Reused mushroom blocks will deliver nutrient-rich goodness to your garden in record time. They take the slow dance out of composting, shaving time off of the composter’s long wait.

Mycelium (the roots of the mushroom that form on the mushroom blocks) breaks down the cellulose, making it easier for bugs, like worms, to digest. Bugs love the mycelium because it retains moisture and provides a good food source for them. This process makes the nutrients more bioavailable to plants once the compost is introduced to garden.


The advantages of using mushroom blocks in your compost are numerous:

-        Improves water retention

-        Adds calcium

-        Attracts worms and other bugs

Balancing Act: The Lowdown on Drawbacks

A little heads up: these blocks, while fantastic, can be a bit too strong for some plants and seeds due to their high soluble salt content. But fear not! Pair them up with your existing compost, and you’ve got yourself a blend that won’t burn up your precious plants.

Where Do I Get Mushroom Grow Kits?

If you’re looking to dip your toes into the world of mushroom growing, we’ve got top-notch mushroom grow kits waiting for you. From nurturing your own mushrooms to giving your garden that extra boost, we’ve got everything you need.

Where Do I Get Spent Mushroom Blocks?

Contact a local mushroom farm. They will have plenty that they are likely happy to get rid of!

Conclusion: Let’s Watch Our Gardens Flourish

In the world of composting, mushroom blocks can be the unsung heroes. If you like to grow mushrooms indoors and you have a garden outdoors, and if you want to recycle your old grow blocks, this one should be obvious – add it to your compost!

For more information on permaculture and composting, check out this course by Milkwood, pre-eminent experst in the space.

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