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MycoKit Instructions

Step-by-step Instructions


  • Carefully unpack your Mushroom Grow Kit.

  • Find the included spray bottle.

Slicing the bag:

  • Using clean scissors, make an X or U-shaped slit in the bag. 

  • Do not remove the bag from the substrate.


  • Put the box in a humid area like a bathroom or basement.

Humidity Control:

  • Spray the bag 2-4 times daily, using half the water in the spray bottle each time.


  • Pink Oysters: Maintain around 70°F.

  • Blue Oysters: Keep around 65°F.


  • Pink Oysters: Harvest when they fade from dark pink to pale pink.

  • Blue Oysters: Harvest when they flatten. Cut stems at the substrate.

Yield time:

  • Mushrooms should start in 2 weeks but no more than 3. Lack of yield may be due to humidity.

Second and third flush:

  • After harvest, expose blocks for 2 weeks.

  • Soak blocks in cold water for 6 hours for the next flushes. Each flush will be smaller than the last. 

Shelf Life:

  • Pink Oysters: Consume within 2-3 days.

  • Blue Oysters: Enjoy within a week.

Spent Blocks:

  • After the final flush, add spent blocks to compost.

Cooking Ideas:

Enjoy growing your own mushrooms! For questions, check our FAQ or contact customer support.

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